Six-Minute Video: How To Set Up Your SN500

Get your mini-eSBC up and running with this six-minute tutorial.  Cloud-powered and feature-packed, the SN500 is the world’s smallest and lowest-cost enterprise session border controller. This video quick start guide tells all you need to know to get your new SmartNode all set up—including . . .

  • Four things you need to get started:
    1. Internet Access
    2. Ethernet Cable
    3. Pinhole Tool (pick your fave)
    4. Connected computer
  • Six steps to onboarding your SmartNode
    1. Watch the video to learn what they are. . .
  • Three options to configure your device using the Patton Cloud:
    1. Patton Provisioning Service (download the config to your SN500)
    2. Patton’s Web Wizard
    3. External (third-party) configuration server

After you choose the best configuration option for your network environment, you can check the video for that too! Here they are . . .


What do you think?

  • Did we answer all your questions?
  • What sort of application are you implementing with your SN500?

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