Reach Out and Power Up: Address PoE Limitations

To truly go All-IP we need to place remote devices exactly where we want them, right? So how do you extend your Ethernet/IP connections far enough to reach the security gate, the information kiosk, and all those wall phones in subways, railways, and airports?  What can you do when the site was wired for analog telephony and there is no accessible AC or DC power source?

Ethernet Distance

Do you see the problems?
1) No modern CAT-X cabling
2) No electrical power

All too often, existing legacy network and electrical infrastructures stand in the way of migration to ALL-IP solutions. Standard Ethernet only reaches about 300 feet (100 meters). Yet many scenarios involve point-to-point connectivity requirements that lie far beyond the Standard Ethernet distance limitation.

What if we told you there is a technology solution that can use a single twisted pair–two copper wires, any gradeto deliver 100 Mbps Ethernet and power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to IP-enabled endpoints up to 3,300 feet (915 meters) away?

The solutions we have in mind is are the CopperLink™ PoE Ethernet Extender kits and they come in commercial grade and industrial grade enclosures.

Learn more about how Patton PoE extender kits solve the all-too-common challenges mentioned above. The article, Addressing the Limitations of Ethernet and PoE, by Biju Oommen and Glendon Flowers, is available free on

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What do you think?

  • Might PoE Extension technology be the game-changer we need to fully implement such ALL-IP solutions as the IoT (Internet of things)?
  • Do you have any pending projects where a PoE extension kit would get you where you want to go?
Biju (Brad) Oommen
Brad (Biju) Oommen has 15+ years of experience in helping deploy best-of-breed enterprise as well as carrier grade solutions, and in providing leading-edge systems integration services. Much of his work revolves around multi-vendor product and technology integration. It spans the domains of voice, VoIP, Fiber, WiFi, Microwave, SAN, IP networks, e-mail and network security. He has independently and successfully implemented projects related to Telecommunications, Networking/IT Infrastructure, and Wireless Communications for a diverse client portfolio including the financial and government sectors. His passion for technology has seen him regularly test and pen technical articles for various journals in the U.S, U.K, and Canada, encompassing areas such as VoIP-H.323/SIP, SDH, Eos, WiFi, SSL VPN, application acceleration, E-mail firewall, SEM, SAN etc.He can be contacted at or

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