How to Actually Go ALL-IP and Keep Your Customers Happy

All-IP, convergence, UC*, NGN**, however you name it, the telephony transformation is happening now. Are you part of it?

Whether you are a service provider serving thousands of subscribers or a system integrator taking care of your business customers, you are engaged in this All-IP technology transformation… or ARE YOU?

Happy Customers

To participate in—and profit! from—the ALL-IP revolution, your services have got to be competitive. You want customer who are “sticky” and stay with you. Competition is fierce. So here’s a short list of things you had better take care of if you want to win…

    • •  Offer your customer the most efficient and inexpensive telecom solution possible.
    • •  Connect to busines-critical legacy systems for many customers.
    • •  Provide value-added services that make you stand out from your competitors.

To achieve profitability in the transforming telephony market you must deliver efficient, secure, high-quality services! Skimping on any item on the short list—especially network quality—is a recipe for disaster! Taking shortcuts on voice security? You really shouldn’t. The security challenge presents an opportunity for you and your service to stand out from your competitors. And what happens when your subscriber’s WAN-access link goes down? You better have some kind of fallback solution in place! The customer expects it to work all the time and they don’t care if you run your service over-the-top.

Simply put, there are challenges involved in turning up and delivering All-IP services. Especially when it comes to developing client loyalty. Why not make your customers happy by transforming their experience with your ALL-IP service from OK to excellent?

Go Deeper
For an more comprehensive discussion about addressing these and other challengers in the ALL-IP market, get the Patton White Paper Who Needs an Enterprise Session Border Controller?

The publication answers the question “what key challenges does an eSBC address for providers and subscribers of IP-based business communications?”

>>Get the full white paper…

What do you think?

Are you well-positioned to profit from the ALL-IP network transformation?
Are you facing challenges to profitability not mentioned in this post… or in the white paper?
Add your comments below…

*UC = Unified Communications
**NGN = Next-Generation Networks


Doug Hill
Regional Director for Northern Europe & Southern Africa Patton-Inalp Networks
Doug Hill has been involved in the communications industry for over 35 years. With a wide variety of experience Mr. Hill has been involved with activities ranging from basic data communications instruction to advanced network design for large MIS organizations to his current position as Regional Director of Northern Europe and Southern Africa for Patton Electronics. Over the past 14 years, Mr. Hill has been involved in international sales and marketing activities worldwide, and has a strong understanding of the Northern Europe and Southern Africa Voice over IP market. He is an acknowledged industry and market expert of information pertaining to both VoIP and broadband service deployment.

Mr. Hill has been a speaker at many industry trade shows. He has also spoken at many national gatherings of telecommunications professionals, including the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC) and ALTS. Mr. Hill was a featured speaker at a series of seminars in the Far East, including events sponsored by the Ministry of Telecommunications for the Peoples Republic of China.

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