[Webinar] What’s So Great About These New PRI VoIP CPE?

So these new PRI VoIP CPE are just the latest “also-ran” entries, right? Well… sorta-kinda-maybe? #NoNotReally. These two converged-IP solutions lead you into the world of All-IP. >>Watch the webinar now...

OK. We all know a PRI VoIP Gateway uses SIP (session initiation protocol) to convert and combine your legacy T1/E1/PRI lines into a VoIP connection, right? And… ALL-IP / SIP telephony environments we all know in an SBC (session border controller) manages the media streams and signaling protocols. So, why are these new kids on the block worth your time and attention?

Clocking in at 23 minutes 42 seconds, the on-demand webinar tells you how these new VoIP CPE from Patton SmartNode are paving the way to All-IP, unified communications (UC).

Alright, we admit the webinar is a little dry. Still, it does explain why you might want to care about the new SN4170 PRI Media Gateway and SN5570 PRI eSBC (enterprise session border controller).

>>Watch the Webinar...

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Burt Patton
Executive Vice-President | Patton Electronics Co
Burton A. Patton (Burt) is co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Patton Electronics Company. He is responsible for Patton's global sales, technical services, and marketing teams. Burt leads all corporate communication initiatives, making Patton's capabilities, products, and services known throughout the global marketplace.

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