Log4j Virus: Don’t Worry, You Are Safe with Patton

Everybody seems to be worried about the latest computer malware threat, commonly known as Log4j.  The official name for the vulnerability is CVE-2021-44228. The bug was first discovered on 9 December 2021.


Critical Java Susceptibility Log4j

Exploiting a weakness in java-based software, the virus allows hackers to potentially access servers remotely and execute arbitrary code—essentially taking control of a server.

Patton products and the Patton Cloud are immune to the Log4j malware.

Patton SmartNode VoIP gateways, session border controllers, software, hardware, virtual CPE, and the Patton Cloud were designed and developed without JAVA. That means they are clean and clear of susceptibility to the Log4j threat.

Patton products and services do NOT use JAVA so they are NOT susceptible to the Log4j computer virus. 

So, don’t worry.

You made the right decision when you chose Patton.

Best Regards
PATTON Technical Services

Danny Staub
Manager of Technical Services
PATTON Electronics Co.
Danny Staub joined Patton over 20 years ago as a shipping clerk. After several years of service, he transferred into technical support. He taught himself the technologies Patton specializes in and worked his way up to the role of manager. He is committed to solving customer problems, no matter what—even when the bug is in a third-party manufacturer's equipment.

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