What’s All the Buzz About Dante AV?

And what is it good for? Why is Dante AV so cool? What is Dante, anyway? Read on to learn about some of the interesting stuff you can do with this popular new audio/video distribution technology. . .

FiberPlex FPX6000 Dante AV Gateway used in Live Music Concert
FiberPlex FPX6000 Dante AV Gateway used in Live Music Concert

What is Dante AV?

Dante (developed and supported by Audinate) is an acronym that stands for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet. In a nutshell, that’s what it’s all about:  distributing audio media over a standard 1-Gigabit Ethernet network.

Dante AV is a new networking technology that enables professional audio/video (Pro-AV) distribution over common Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure.

Dante AV is a complete solution for delivering digital audio and video over a standard Ethernet network using Layer 3 IP packets. The solution comprises a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols. Using Dante AV, live, real-time audio and video media streams are transmitted with the following characteristics:

  • multi-channel
  • uncompressed audio
  • ultra-low-latency
Dante Audio over Ethernet
Dante Audio over Ethernet

Why is Dante AV so cool?

Dante AV transforms audio and video connectivity. Audio systems for small churches, mosques, synagogues, or conference rooms up to massive rock tours and stadiums require cabling between microphones, mixers, processors, amplifiers, and speakers. Old-fashioned analog cables are heavy and cumbersome. And limited to delivering one signal type per cable. When using dedicated, purpose-built audio and video cabling, moving any part of the system is a pain in the you-know-what. Plus, noise and hum increase with cable length. The old-fashioned audio snake is a case in point. Dante AV changes all that—for the better.

Replacing all those analog connections with a digital computer network, Dante AV effortlessly sends video and audio over light-weight Ethernet wiring—with perfect digital fidelity. The software-based control station can add, move, or change any connection with a simple mouse click.

Interop. If you already have a Dante audio system, Dante AV will work with all the devices you have installed. Dante video is backward compatible and fully interoperable with existing Dante audio systems. More than 2,000 Dante-enable devices are plug-and-play ready for use with Dante AV.

Learn more about Dante AV technology by watching this educational video:

>>What is Dante AV?: The Advantages of Networking

What is Dante AV good for?

For examples of how real people are using this technology to address real-world, pro-AV challenges, keep reading…

Sports Bar with Private Dining Room

People in Sports Bar

So, you have a sports bar with a separate private dining room. The people in the bar want to see and hear the game. The people eating dinner want to see that game, but they would rather hear some quiet dinner music than the screaming sportscaster.

Dante AV makes it easy to do all that without having to install dedicated audio or video cables. Everything runs on the existing information technology (IT) computer network. Everything can be controlled remotely from a single networked computer workstation.

Two-Zone Bar Using Dante AVoIP
Two-Zone Bar Using Dante AVoIP

For the geekier technical aspects of this networking application, you can
>>Read the technical details…

For more examples of the ways Dante AV is making life easier for pro-AV engineers and technicians, visit www.patton.com/danteav  or select one of the topics in the outline below. . .

So many ways!  There are lots of ways to streamline Pro-AV deployment—while reducing infrastructure costs—using Dante AV . . .

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