How to Integrate 3CX with Analog Phones and PSTN

3CX is a popular software PBX with many rich and useful unified communications capabilities. It does NOT however natively support analog phones or PSTN connectivity. So how can you keep your organization connected to the PSTN—whether for fallback/survivability or breakout phone service?

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And how can you integrate your legacy telephone handsets with 3CX?

SmartNode to the rescue!

For your analog phones, you need a SmartNode ATA (or FXS VoIP Gateway) that provides FXS ports for connecting the legacy phones to the IP network while converting the analog voice to a SIP media stream, i.e. VoIP.

Diagram shows 3CX integrated with analog phone using SmartNode ATA
Above drawing shows the 3CX phone system integrated with an analog phone using a SmartNode SN200 ATA

For PSTN access, you need a VoIP gateway that provides T1/E1/PRI ports to integrate the 3CX phone system with a PSTN network access link (WAN connection).

Diagram shows 3CX phone system with integrated PSTN access using SmartNode VoIP Gateway
The above drawing shows the 3CX phone system using a SmartNode SN4170 T1/E1 VoIP Gateway to provide integrated PSTN access.

Patton has just released a pair of video tutorials to guide you through the setup of the two solutions shown above:

Here are the videos!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Patton FXS Gateways and 3CX
Patton FXS Gateways and 3CX
VIDEO TUTORIAL: Patton T1 & E1 Gateways and 3CX!
Patton T1 & E1 Gateways and 3CX!







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Marc Aeberhard
Marc Aeberhard is SmartNode product line Manager at Patton, based in Switzerland. He is a specialist in Business administration and technical management and holds a Swiss federal diploma. He is involved in Telecommunication technology for close to 20 years and is with the company for more than 10 years where he previously was leading the technical support team in Western Europe.

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