Connect a 3CX phone system to 8 FXO trunks

3CX Users, Patton just made your life easier. For fast, easy setup, Patton’s new FXO analog-trunking VoIP CPE can connect your 3CX phone system to the PSTN with up to eight FXO analog trunks. Or a mix of up to twelve BRI/FXS/FXO lines. Now, you can get your SIP-PBX phone system up and running in just a few minutes. Just download the 3CX configuration template…

SmartNode 4140 8-FXO Gateway Application
8-FXO Gateway Application – SN4140 8-call Analog VoIP Gateway (field-upgradeable to eSBC)

Patton has been making analog trunking gateways for decades. The recently announced menu of on-premise FXO VoIP devices offers ideal solutions for SMBs that need up to 8 FXO trunks to connect with a SIP PBX (a.k.a. IP PBX).

These new Patton gateways, eSBCs, and eSBC-Routers are perfect for delivering…

  • First-Line analog POTS connectivity
  • BRI/S0 connectivity
  • PSTN/ISDN fallback and survivability

…for any on-premise all-IP enterprise telephony system. Including 3CX, Avaya, Asterisk, RingCentral, Mitel, Panasonic, and many others.

 PSTN Fsllback with 8 FXOs
PSTN Fallback with 8 FXOs – SmartNode 5540 eSBC

Press Release
New Analog Trunking Gateway morphs from FXO to SIP when you go All-IP

For people that need a digital-analog hybrid solution, the Smartnode 5550 offers a great deal of flexibility on your interface options.

Hybrid 8-FXO/4-BRI application – SN5550 16-call hybrid FXS/FXO/BRI-S0 eSBC and Router

You can order this little sweetheart from a menu of choices. . .

  • 2, 4 or 8 FXO
  • 4 FXS + 4 FXO
  • 2 BRI + 2 FXS
  • 4 BRI + 4 FXS
  • 2 BRI + 2FXS + 2 FXO
  • 4 BRI + 4 FXS + 4 FXO

SmartNode Configuration Wizard
All the new FXO SmartNode solutions work with Patton’s WebWizard—a powerful, time-saving configuration tool for carriers, installers, and end-customers. Go to

What do you think?

  • Have YOU ever set up a SmartNode with a 3CX system? How did it go?
  • Which of the FXO applications pictured above are most interesting to you?

Add your thoughts in the comments below…


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