[Video] The Profitability Problem for Carrier Providers Using BroadSoft Platforms

Profitability can be a challenge for carriers and service providers. Bret gets it. In this (card-holding) video, he explains a solution to the “profitability problem” based on a collaborative effort between Patton and BroadSoft.

Bret—who also happens to be my son—is a millennial.  As a Product Manager for Patton’s SmartNode VoIP CPE, he brings a message for carrier-providers. Specifically targeting those who offer business communication services based on BroadWorks and BroadCloud.

>>Watch the video…

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Bobby Patton
Robert R. Patton (Bobby) was appointed CEO of Patton Electronics Company in January 2009, having already been responsible for the company operations as President since January 1, 2000. Bobby's primary responsibility is to oversee and deliver on company performance bringing particular attention to product strategy and customer satisfaction. Bobby is focused on building the Patton culture to be ever more responsive to customer needs, new technologies and market dynamics amidst a very volatile economy.

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